The “Theda Bara Sandwich” Recipe–Try It Today!

In 1916 a new sandwich debuted: the Theda Bara. Apparently it became pretty popular, as there’s record of it showing up on the menu of the State Café in Huntington, Oregon, circa 1918.  This recipe seems to have originated from a Photoplay article entitled “Sandwiches a la Movie” by Lillian Blackstone.  Happily it tells us the exact ingredients and how to make it. Now you, too, can create your very own Theda Bara sandwich!

Pictured: Theda and a dude who really could’ve used a sandwich.

PREP TIME: 10 minutes (maybe, I just made that up)

Minced ham
Sliced pimento
Sweet pickles

Layer ham, a sprinkle of mayo, pimento, even more mayo, and finally the pickles between two pieces of toast.  Be sure to serve it WARM (bwah ha hee hee).  ENJOY!

If I could find a photo of Theda Bara eating a sandwich I would totally post it here, sadly this does not exist.  So here’s a photo of a random kid:

“I really hate pimento.”

To the grocery store!

7 thoughts on “The “Theda Bara Sandwich” Recipe–Try It Today!

  1. Ooooh I am totally trying this! Do I like pimentos? To be honest, I’m not sure what they are. My only worry is are they spicy? *Bites nails* I’m trying it anyway.

      • Hi, Lea! I just tried the Theda Bara sandwich, and wow. It really was good! If this was on the menu at a restaurant, I’d definitely order it. It doesn’t say what kind of bread, so I used white bread, since I already had that. I think it would taste even better with a different kind of bread, too. Maybe banana bread! Mmmm. In conclusion, the only thing left to say is “I’m stuffed.”

        • Hi Kitty, that is so awesome that you tried this recipe–and I’m a bit relieved that it turned out to be really good!! Cuz, well, you know…pimento. 😀 Thanks so much for reporting back to us, maybe you’ll inspire more readers to try this sandwich too. 😉

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