A Hearty Thank You!

Blogathon 1 buster eleanor thank youMe and a very elated Buster and Eleanor want to thank all of you for the rousing success that was First Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!!

Bloggers, you rock. Your participation and all your hard work are appreciated 1000%. I’m sure Buster is doing an “aw shucks” routine somewhere up there.

Readers, thank you so much for taking the time to read our work and help celebrate one of the geniuses of comedy (and I know a lot of you are still dropping by–it’s been quite a turnout!).

And happily, this is only the beginning–the start of an annual tradition that I’m happy to host. With that in mind, fellow bloggers, see you all next year!

p.s. Kudos to my friend Bob Borgen for sharing this incredible photo with a group of us FB Buster fans!

13 thoughts on “A Hearty Thank You!

  1. Fantastic job, Lea! I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m still working my way through, so please leave them up for a while! Can’t wait until next year’s Buster Blogathon!

  2. Thank you, Lea. I spent a happy week reading everyone’s posts and commenting on all of them that allowed it. We all appreciate your hard work putting this together. I for one am making plans for a post in the Second Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon.

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