The Addictive Fun of Reading Old Fan Magazine Letters

1920s Moviegoers Speak!

Hey everybody! I’m in the midst of some diligent research for a post scheduled for this weekend, so this is a repost of an early, little-viewed article of mine that I really loved. Reposts aren’t something I ever plan on doing maybe more than once a year–but I can’t resist with this one. Everything the research turned up was just too priceless.
If you’ve ever wondered how movie audiences talked about their favorites stars and films back then, look no farther than their very real letters to vintage movie magazines. They are chock-full of priceless thoughts, observations, and even rants from passionate film fans who probably knew your very own grandparents and great-grandparents. Enjoy!


While reading through ‘10s and ‘20s movie magazines (like Photoplay, Moving Picture World, etc.) I began to get addicted.  Not just to the rare photos, the goofy old ads, or the almost equally goofy fluff articles, but to the Letters to the Editor. They are, I kid you not, absolute gold, and if the printed letters had any weight to speak of you bet they would beworth that weight in absolute gold.

Letters to the Editor title

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