I’m California Bound!

So I’ve been busy as Eric von Stroheim editing Greed lately, and here’s why (and, funnily enough, Greed is a tiny bit related!). I’m getting ready for a trip this weekend, a trip that happens to be checking off some very important items on my bucket list. And I am excited. Very excited. In fact, I’m this excited:


Actually, no. That picture just doesn’t do my excitement justice. Let me pull out the big guns. I am this excited:

What? As you all know, that’s Buster when he’s half-crazy with excitement.

So here’s what’s happening: First, I’ll be jetting off to San Francisco with friends this coming weekend (with or without flowers in our hair). This is the first vacation I’ve had in ages, and to my extreme luck it juuuust happens to coincide with…the San Francisco Silent Film Festival! Which I’ve never been to before! As a matter of fact, I’ve never been to a silent film festival of any kind before–believe it or not–so this will be quite the experience. While I can only go to a few of the showings, I picked the ones I absolutely could not miss.

While in San Francisco I’ll try to scout out some silent film locations–especially the building von Stroheim used as McTeague’s dentist office in Greed. Yes, there will be pictures, and yes, I’ll be happy to share them!

I’ll be seeing you soon, Castro!!

Second, since I was going to be in California anyways, I got an idea. A wonderful, beautiful, fantastical idea. Why not fly to Los Angeles at the end of the San Francisco trip, and spend a couple days in…HOLLYWOOD?!

(You’ve probably guessed that I’ve also never been to Hollywood!)

Visiting THE place where so many master filmmakers worked and where so many masterpieces were made has been a massive item on that bucket list. To walk down the streets where Buster once ran, Charlie once sauntered, and the Kops used to speed while stuffed in a Model T always seemed like a far-off, distant dream….but in a stupidly short amount of time it’s going to be reality! I’m am both over the moon and in disbelief.

And yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m going to document this First Time in Hollywoodland super thoroughly for you all–scads of pictures, videos, the whole bit.  I’m going to sniff out some of the silent era filming locations as best I can with this amazing guy’s help–it’s going to be a blast!

I’ll see you soon too, Hollywoodland!

Yes, I’m vaguely aware that other movies and TV shows have been made in Los Angeles since the talkie period began…but only vaguely.

Wish me luck!! I’m off to finish packing and occasionally stare in disbelief that this trip is actually happening.

13 thoughts on “I’m California Bound!

  1. Lea, soon you’ll be walking down Cahuenga in Hollywood and seeing the area that Buster used for a lot of different scenes in his films! And we know this because of John Bengston and his wonderful research! Yay! The street still has the old buildings too. Where would we be without John and his book?! xoxo Hope you and your friends have fun at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival!

  2. Have a great time. You are sure to love it. I’ve never attended the SF Silent Film Festival, but I have visited Frisco and I lived in L.A. for a year. You’re sure to be walking around wide-eyed and jaw-dropped for most of the trip.

  3. It’a wonderful festival in a gorgeous theater. I went for a lark about 12 years ago and have been back every year (but one) since. I hope to get to expess my admiration for your blog in person.

    • Having the Frisco trip coincide with the festival was a dream come true–why, it’s like it was meant to be. I’ll be the tall-ish, skinny, excited gal if you’re looking for me. 😉

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