Home At Last–And More To Come!

After several days in breezy San Francisco and a several more whirlwind ones in Hollywood, I am back in the great Heartland of Minnesota. (And believe it or not, it’s warmer here than it was in California!)

Oh the sights I have seen!! Pilgrimages were made. Walk of Fame stars were documented. Public transit was conquered. So many items have been checked off the ol’ Hollywoodland bucket list that I dare say it has shrunk to a stub.

I only need the bottom portion right now.

I’m in the midst of uploading and organizing all my photos and videos (hopefully the videos will turn out well!), and as soon as possible will be posting about my experiences. If you’ve never been to Hollywood but are longing to go, especially for the silent era history, I hope you enjoy some peeks into what it’s like and how to get to certain locations. (They aren’t too hard to find, you just have to know where to go!) And if you’re already familiar with Hollywood, I hope you’ll enjoy my tourist-y point of view!

Adios…for now!

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