ANNOUNCEMENT: The Second Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!

Because good news can never be shared too early, I am psyched–simply psyched–to be announcing:

Buster Blogathon second 1

It’s back! Once again I would like to extend a warm invitation to movie-loving bloggers to pay tribute to the one and only Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton, our solemn-faced funmaker in the flat hat. Buster’s work has not only delighted generations of fans from around the world, but has inspired countless filmmakers, from Martin Scorsese to Werner Herzog to the fine folk at Pixar. He is one of our most beloved screen legends, and this February we’re going to celebrate his legacy.

When: Sunday, February 7 and Monday, February 8, 2016.

Where: Right here on Silent-ology!

How: To sign up, pick a Keaton film/topic to write about then leave me a comment at the bottom of this post. You can also send me a message (don’t forget to include your name and your blog address!). During the blogathon itself, when you publish your post leave me a comment or message with your link. Post whenever you have time during those two days. There are some banners below to stick onto your blog–please help get the word out about this event!

What to write about: Everything Buster! There’s a lot of films to choose from: roles in Arbuckle’s Comique films, his own shorts and features, 1930s talkies, independent films, 1960s T.V. commercials, cameos–and more. (Here’s Buster’s filmography for some ideas.) Want to compare/contrast certain films? Want to write about a certain period of his life, such as his time in vaudeville? Want to concentrate on a certain aspect of his work, such as his stunts or his use of special effects? All of this is more than welcome! I also encourage articles about his crew and the many wonderful actors who appeared in his films.


  • Yes, I’m afraid I’m having a “no duplicates” rule, so there’s as wide a variety of topics as possible. The only exception would be if someone chose more than one film for a compare/contrast sort of article. If there’s a film of Buster’s that you absolutely must cover, act fast!
  • Keep in mind that this ‘thon is an annual event, so if someone else claims your film you always have another chance next year!
  • Let’s make Buster proud! There’s quite a bit of dubious information out there about his life (particularly his private life), so I’m going to insist that we do our best to wade through the rumors and find the most reliable info we can. Let’s give him something to smile about!
  • BONUS: I will be holding a drawing for all blogathon participants–info is forthcoming!

To see last year’s contributions (and maybe to get inspiration!), here’s a link to the First Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon.


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Welcome to My Magick TheatreThe Cameraman

Once Upon a ScreenGo West

The Wonderful World of CinemaSpite Marriage

An Ode to Dust | How Doughboys was influenced by Buster’s service in WWI

The Big Riot V Squad | Buster Keaton and the Passing Show of 1917

Portraits by Jenni | Appearance on TV show Route 66

Buster Keaton’s Name | The meaning of the nickname “Buster” and its use in the late 19th century

Critica Retro | Work with Roscoe Arbuckle

thefyuzhe | Favorite poses

nearlywitchez | Buster’s costume

Girls Do FilmThe Navigator

Silver ScreeningsSherlock Jr.

tgreywolfe | Buster and the Tragic Mask

MovieFanFareThree Ages

Jesgear’s Blog | The International Buster Keaton Society

Second Sight Cinema | The fall–and rise!–of Buster’s career


Buster Blogathon second 5

Buster Blogathon second 3

Buster Blogathon second 2

Buster Blogathon second 4

Buster Blogathon second 1

72 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Second Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!

  1. Great news! Buster Blogathon #1 is the reason I have a blog at all – in fact I’ve just made a tentative step into blogging about a talkie. Not sure I like it, so noisy.

    Anyway – need to think about my topic for this time, very much looking forward to your piece. Roi des Champs-Elysees is more fun than we have any right to expect of it!

    • I’ll be interested to see what topic you choose! 🙂 Yes, Le Roi is surprisingly good, and not too many people discuss it, strangely! How often do you see Buster play a duel role as a villain?

  2. Being of the Keatonphile community, I so have to participate. I would love to do more than one article or post, but for now, I’ll just go with a review of my favorite BK related book: Buster Keaton: The Persistence of Comedy by Imogen Smith. Is that kosher?

  3. Hi Lea. I’m happy you’re doing a second annual. I’d like to write about the show that Buster left vaudeville to join and then left that show to join Roscoe Arbuckle. I’m calling it Buster Keaton and the Passing Show of 1917.

  4. Hi Lea,

    I plan to continue with part 2 of my study into the origin of Buster Keaton’s name. Part one, written for your 1st blogathon, uncovered the myth that Keaton was the first person named Buster. Part 2 will look deeper into the multiple meanings of the word and why it was frequently applied to children at the time of his birth.

    Here’s the link:

  5. Wow, a lot of great movies are already taken! I’m glad nobody chose my topic yet: the Keaton – Fatty Arbuckle partnership.
    I’m Le from Critica Retro

    • Great idea!! Welcome to the blogathon! Yes, Le Roi is taken…er, by me….*awkward shuffle* (Here I was thinking it would be overlooked, like last year!) I love your idea though, I know some fans who’ve even done collages of his more famous poses.

  6. Hello, I enjoyed the Keaton blog-a-thon last year and was encouraged to sign up for a topic this year. I’d like to make a few comments regarding Buster and The Tragic Mask.

  7. Hey, Lea, glad to see there’ll be another Keaton blogathon next year. I’d like to sign up with a review of his era-spanning 1923 feature Three Ages (Buster and dinosaurs, perfect together). I’ll get a banner up on our homepage this weekend. Thanks.

  8. Hello, Lea. I’m enjoying reading articles posted on your blog. And I’m interested in participating in your BK Blogathon if it’s not too late for me to sign on. I thought about writing about the Damfinos, The International Buster Keaton Society, and their Celebration held in Muskegon, Michigan, every October. My blog is at

      • Lea, I’m sorry, but I have to drop out from the Keaton Blogathon. Work and life are getting in the way, and I don’t have time to participate. I look forward to future events and am enjoying your blog. Thanks.


        • Aw, no worries. I completely understand about life getting in the way sometimes. 🙂 There’ll always be more Buster blogathons in the future!

  9. Hi Lea,

    Been watching for this announcement, not sure how I missed it, but glad you’re doing Round 2!

    Since virtually all the features have been claimed, I’d like to write on The Great Fall and more important (and usually less emphasized) Buster’s slow, patient turnaround and reclamation of his life and work.

    Will that fly?

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  13. Hi there! It’s taken a while to comment, but I made it! I’d like to do something on three of my favorite Buster shorts – ONE WEEK – THE COOK – THE PLAY HOUSE. A three cheers for Buster, if you will. Does that work?

    Once Upon a Screen

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