More Liebster Awards!

So awhile ago I was nominated for more Liebster awards. Quite awhile ago, in fact. Okay, it was an embarrassingly long time ago. Err, it might not have snowed yet. Like snow would even fall in the summertime, haw!


I swear by Lillian Gish that it really doesn’t seem that long ago that the very thoughtful Timeless Hollywood, The Wonderful World of Cinema  and Girls Do Film  sent me their nominations, but lo and behold it was! So I’m going to remedy that (yeah, technically bloggers don’t haaaaave to respond to Liebsters…but I want to).

In case you don’t know, a Liebster Award is an Internet tradition, a fun way for bloggers to welcome each other into the online community as well as help other people discover interesting blogs. When you receive a Liebster, you:

(a) Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you;
(b) Tell your readers 11 random facts about yourself; and
(c) Nominate up to 11 other bloggers to receive the award, and give them 11 questions to answer on their blogs when they post their nominations.

Timeless Hollywood

What onscreen couple has the best chemistry?
My pick would be Buster Keaton and Sybil Seely in One Week. They adore each other, they are equal partners, they fight just a little bit, and you root for them all the way.
If one lost film could be found, what would it be?
A Country Hero, the last piece of Buster Keaton’s silent career puzzle.
If you could choose one silent comedian between Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd or Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, who is your favorite and why?
Considering that I’ve managed to mention him twice already–Buster! His work constantly delights me, and I’m always amazed by how fresh and modern he seems.
Who is your favorite swashbuckler?
Douglas Fairbanks Sr., the first and best of the bunch!
What is your favorite biography or autobiography?
Hard to pick, but one of the my faves is Vamp: The Rise and Fall of Theda Bara by Eve Golden. Lots of interesting research and a fun writing style, too!
Have you ever participated in a blogathon and if so what did you enjoy most about it?
Heck yes, a bunch of them! I enjoy the excitement of seeing all the blogs “bonding” over a certain topic, the variety of perspectives is always very welcome.
If you could buy any memorabilia, what would it be?
The part of the siding that Sybil Seely paints two hearts on in One Week.
In your opinion, who is the biggest pioneer in the film industry (past or present)?
D.W. Griffith. No matter how you look at it, he was massively important.
What decade had the best films?
I’d pick the 1920s, since film advanced so rapidly and so exquisitely.
Is there any actor/actress you feel hasn’t gotten the recognition they deserve?
Bobby Harron certainly deserves more attention. So does Louise Fazenda–but I’m working on it!
What actor/actress should receive and Oscar that hasn’t?
Aw, heck–Johnny Depp. We all know the man has talent, even if a lot of his current movies have been subpar.

The Wonderful World of Cinema 

1. Who is your favourite movie director and why?
Of today’s directors, Werner Herzog. Of yesterday’s, probably Keaton.
2. Did you ever had a the chance to met a movie star? When? What was the occasion?
I saw the top of Donny Osmond’s head once!! He was appearing at the Mall of America, so of course my mom wanted to see him and have him autograph his latest CD, so in meantime I went to an upper level and looked directly down at him–because you don’t get to do that everyday, you see.
3. If you were working in the movie business (or maybe you already do!), what will be your dream job?
I would be a Story Doctor, who gets rid of all cliches, dumb lines, and other nonsense in today’s screenplays. *wink*
4. What do you think was the best movie star biography, or autobiography written?
That’s a tough call. Chaplin’s autobio is very important…so is a book by someone like cameraman Karl Brown. One of the nicest out there is Coy Watson Jr’s The Keystone Kid: Tales of Early Hollywood. Hollywood from the perspective of someone who grew up right along with it.
5. Which movie star do you think should be next honoured by a Life Achievement Oscar?
Why not Harrison Ford, if not next, then someday?
6. Except cinema, do you have another passion? If yes, what is it?
Oh yes, more than one. In the early spring I watch the MN woods like a hawk, waiting for the spring flowers to come up. Love them. I also like finding wild blackberries and morels. Biking is another favorite hobby. And I do crop art (pictures made with seeds) to enter in the MN State Fair every year!
7. Psycho and The Birds are probably the two most well-known Hitchcock’s films. Which one do you prefer?
Psycho, for sure. A perfect horror film.
8. What do you think was Pixar’s best short film?
For the Birds might be my favorite!
9. You have the chance to marry and actor or an actress. Who do you choose? 😉
That’s a tough one. 😀 May I opt for a combination of Richard Barthelmess, Gary Cooper, Buster Keaton, young Buddy Rogers and a dash of Robert Harron?
10. Did we ever tell you that you look like a certain movie star? If yes, who?
Err, not sure if I really look much like anyone, but I’ve had two people say I reminded them of Alyson Hannigan!
11. What do you think is the best article you wrote on your blog? Why?
“Buster Keaton and the Minnesota State Fair” means the most to me (and probably always will). 🙂

Girls Do Film 

Congratulations on your award. Who’ll be presenting it to you? And why?
Lillian Gish, because I would totally want to meet her.
Which movie character would you like to ask for advice?
Captain Jack Sparrow, because who knows what his witty/baffling reply would be.
You can spend one day dressed in a movie costume. Whose would it be – and why?
Okay, the first thing that came to mind was Glinda the Good Witch’s dress, because when I was 5 that was the most beautiful dress in the entire universe.
What’s your favourite film decade?
The 1920s!
Which film character do you most identify with?
As a kid I really identified with Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. If there was a character I wish I was like it’s Jean Arthur’s character in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. She very intelligent, wise to all the political goings-on, respected, and warmhearted too.
What talent would you most like to have?
Being able to give a talk/lecture on the spot. My mind just doesn’t work that way–writing’s my strength, not really talking.
One movie that you’ve never seen but probably should….
La Dolce Vita, it seems to come up over and over again.
… and the movie that you can watch again and again?
That’s a tie between Sunset Blvd. and All About Eve.
What was your best movie-watching experience?
Seeing The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time with my dad. The film blew both of us away–it was so epic and well done, with that gorgeous score.
You’re hosting a dinner party. Which classic stars/directors/personalities are on your invite list?
All of the Biograph players (Mary Pickford, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Bobby Harron, Lionel Barrymore, etc.) since it would be fascinating to see what they were all like in person!
Who is your favourite movie villain… and why?
Heath Ledger did a fantastic job as the Joker, as we all know. I’ll put in a good word for Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook in Hook, too.

Now, I will be listing my random facts and Liebster nominations in my next post…because

11 thoughts on “More Liebster Awards!

  1. Lovely answers! (People have stopped nominating me for Liebsters, I think b/c they’re so sick of my long-windedness.) I admire your omnipresent admiration for Keaton, and you and I (and my wife) might be the only ones in America who actually enjoyed Spielberg’s HOOK.

  2. A Liebster award couldn’t happen to a nicer gal. By the way, I just finished reading the Eve Golden bio of Theda—wonderful book. And guess what?! I saw the top of Dick Van Dyke’s head one time. 🙂 It was from about ten stories up, though. Does that still count?

    • He really, really is, even more so than many other silent stars. Maybe it’s not only because of how unique and timeless he was, but because he was such a kind soul in real life, too.

  3. I loved reading your answer! It was so interesting! 🙂 I can see you love the classics (especially the 20s 😉 ) but you also appreciate more modern films and movie stars which is great.
    Congrats again for your 3 awards!

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