Rare Sybil Seely Portrait Found!

Tom Thacker, a collector and researcher specializing in photos by the silent era photographer Nelson Evans, just turned up a marvelous portrait of Sybil Seely (often considered by Buster Keaton fans to be his finest leading lady)! How fantastic is that?!

Sybil rare portrait demure

Back when I was researching Sybil’s life, I ended up only dreaming of finding something like this, so MANY, MANY thanks to Tom for sharing it with us!!

Sybil fans will recognize that this image is from the same sitting as her most famous portrait:


Tom’s one of the fine folk behind the Mack Sennett’s Bathing Beauties Facebook page, where he posted the image originally. (Incidentally, the page is packed with everything you ever wanted to know about the famous girls and it could use more “likes”–tell ’em Silent-ology sent you! *wink*.) He also shares other beautiful images from his collection on his Finding Nelson Evans blog. Definitely worth a look!

It’s so exciting, I keep scrolling back up to look at it, aren’t you?!

7 thoughts on “Rare Sybil Seely Portrait Found!

  1. This is why I love sharing photos from my collection. They were meant to be seen, not hidden away. Although I haven’t had much free time to post to my blog over the last 6 months, I’ll try to put up more of the rarer photos that I’ve collected. Some are quite stunning.

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