Moment of Silence

While this isn’t silent film-related, as a music lover and a proud Minnesotan I can’t not acknowledge the sudden passing of one of the world’s greatest music artists: Prince. Paisley Park isn’t far from my home. Little did I know, when I got up early this morning for work, that The Artist had only a couple hours left to live. I drove home past the Park this afternoon, seeing a crowd of fans and news cameras in front of the famous building. While it wasn’t purple, rain has been falling most of this gloomy day.

The above photo is from Under the Cherry Moon (1986), an unusual black and white film that’s the closest we’re going to get to seeing Prince in a silent film setting. Like countless others I grew up hearing his music. He was a legend in his own time. Here in MN we’ve always been proud to count him as “one of our own,” and we’re missing him already.

8 thoughts on “Moment of Silence

  1. I’m a massive, massive Prince fan and I was truly upset. So many years of listening and memories. He played in NZ recently and I so wish I had been able to go.
    (Also, I love Under the Cherry Moon in all its ridiculousness).

    • I just got back from visiting Paisley Park. There were hundreds of fans in front of the fence, news cameras galore, and the fence itself was covered in flowers, posters, balloons, etc.–all purple, of course! A very touching experience. I thought of you, actually, since we had talked a little about Paisley Park in the past! You’d love seeing how much Minnesota, in particular, loves Prince. Lots of people were wearing purple today (including me), one of our radio stations is playing his music nonstop for 24 hours, and hardware stores are all sold out of purple lightbulbs.

        • Love that Onion article, I laughed so hard…and then sighed. 😉 I can send you a few photos I took at Paisley Park if you’d like. 🙂

  2. So sad, shocking, so nice to see this here, One of my favorite Prince tracks is “Love U 2 the 9s”, I don’t know how well-known that one is, but it’s resplendently beautiful, just like he was. Really sad, what a year it’s been for losing great entertainers, musicians especially, wow.

    It’s hard to pivot from the silver age to the purple one…almost disconcerting…..but Lea…you managed to pull it off.

    At the end, he was really into playing piano, at one of his last concerts, he showed the audience he could play the “Peanuts” theme…..can you imagine him accompanying one of the great romantic or sexy movies from the 20s?

    neither can i…..but what’s great is Prince was always surprising us….he COULD have done it….it could have been his next project for all we know……

    • Bet he totally could’ve pulled off a ’20s or ’30s look too, something channeling Cab Calloway, for instance. How cool would that have been?

      It was such a shock to hear the news, I saw it via a text after I got into my car after work. One of the routes home goes past Paisley Park so I instantly decided to take it, of course, just to try and wrap my head around the news. There were fans, news cameras, part of the road blocked off, etc. He had only been gone a few hours by that point.

      He meant a lot to us here in MN, I can tell ya that. Everyone here either has a Prince story or knows someone who has one–they saw him at the airport, were at a jazz club when he decided to drop by, knew someone who used to work at a restaurant he went to before becoming famous, etc. He was this global superstar who chose not to live in LA or NYC, but here, at “home.” He was one of our own.

  3. (awww, and i just noticed the title of this post….”moment of silence”, brilliant, Lea, brilliant, caught me off guard, choked me up….)

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