Fan Magazine Fun: “Can You Tell Them By Their Hair?”

Happy month of May, everyone! I’ve got a few shiny new posts in the works, but until they’re fine-tuned here’s something fun that you don’t see everyday. This is some filler from the September 1926 issue of Picture-Play Magazine. How many, err, pomaded scalps can you name?! I felt confident about four of them, but the others? Err… (You can right-click the image and hit “open in new tab” to see it extra large.)

CanTellByHair 1 pic play mag May '26

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CanTellByHair 2 pic play mag May '26

Yup, those were the four I had in mind too. None other than Bert Lytell, Jack Mulhall, Percy Marmont, and Ben Lyon. OF COURSE it was them!!

I’m not too sure what’s going on with von Stroheim’s scalp…is that blob supposed to be the back of his shaved head? I am perturbed.

Anyhoo, it’s fun to think that die-hard movie fans back then could point to the pictures and say, “Why, of course that’s George K. Arthur, I’d know that distinctive cowlick anywhere!” or “Yes, that’s definitely Rudolph’s extra-shiny head.” Although, knowing the similarities of men’s styles back then, without the descriptions even the biggest die-hards might’ve been pretty confused!

4 thoughts on “Fan Magazine Fun: “Can You Tell Them By Their Hair?”

  1. Man. That’s a tough one (not to mention odd). 🙂 I got a kick out of No. 2 also—how the heck would you know who that is from that patch of hair? Well, I did get Dick Barthelmess, and feel lucky to have got that much. 😀

    • That’s one of the few I got, too! The shiny hair had to be Rudy, also figured out John Gilbert and John Barrymore. Whoever made this was sure creative. 😀

    • Without the clues, I would’ve been pretty lost! (Except maybe for Rudy and Barthelmess–Barthelmess’s hairline is pretty distinct somehow. :-D)

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