One Week From Now, I’ll Be…

…jetting off to southern California!! That’s right, once again I’ll be in both San Francisco and the Holy Land (err, Hollywood), and lemme tellya, it’s been a supremely gorgeous May here in Minnesota but man, this month has seemed long…!

Regular readers may remember that I visited San Francisco with friends last year, on a weekend that just happened to coincide with the prestigious San Francisco Silent Film Festival. I chose a handful of showings to attend and had a grand time (my encouraging friends joined me for a Colleen Moore film–and loved it!). And for the world’s greatest chaser, after the Frisco trip I decided to visit Hollywood for the very first time ever. All in all, an epic trip, and I vowed to return next year if I possibly could.

Well, both plans and funds fell into place and I am indeed returning! And this time it’s going to be even more epic. Because this time, I have a full pass to the Silent Film Festival and am challenging myself to attend every. Single. Showing. It’s going to be a weekend of hardcore film festival-ing, a new experience for me that I will recount in exhaustive detail just for you guys.

I will also be picking up where I left off in Hollywoodland. I had packed a bunch of sights into my brief trip there last year, but was bummed when I had to leave–it just wasn’t quite long enough, and I had the nagging feeling that a return trip was in order (and let’s get real here, it’ll probably be the first of many return trips!).

Hollywoodland and cameramen

And speaking of epic…drumroll please…while in L.A. I’m going to visit the Margaret-Herrick library at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a research project (details pending). I’ll be covering my visit for Silent-ology, of course, so if you have an interest in silent film research and hope to go there one day you can get a (hopefully helpful) glimpse of what it’s like! (And if you’ve been there already, maybe you’ll enjoy my “newbie” perspective!)

Only one week left, guys. ONE WEEK until cable cars and film festivals and Walks of Fame and footprints in cement. Talk about pins and needles!!

p.s. For a list of handy tips for visiting Hollywoodland (including a map made by yours truly), click here!

10 thoughts on “One Week From Now, I’ll Be…

  1. Woohoo! I’ll also be attending the festival, but for my first time! And I’ve been meaning to go to the Margaret-Herrick library for a while now, but it’s been so hectic lately. However, I’m looking forward to hearing more about your time spent there as well as your research project!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your visit to the library. I’ve been thinking about going there some day. And visiting LA can become addictive. I was there last month on a spur-of-the-moment trip, something I’ve never done before. Always an experience.

    • “Addictive” is a perfect way to describe it! Hollywood is simply not a one-time experience. I’m planing on dedicating a post entirely to the Herrick visit, which should be interesting.

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