Fan Magazine Fun: 1920s Kids Draw Their Favorite Stars

From the “making the past feel more real” department comes this delightful page from a 1925 Motion Picture Magazine. It looks like the magazine had held a drawing contest for their younger readers, the two prizes being a grand $5.00 each!

Children drawing stars mot pic mag '25

How great is that? I love how the very nicely-done Menjou, Swanson and House Peters portraits show that the young artists clearly absorbed some of the popular illustration styles. And look at that great ’20s comic strip-inspired little Jackie up in the corner!

When I see things like this I always like to think: maybe some of those fans sending letters, poems, and artwork to movie magazines were some of our own relatives. Take look at those names–you never know!

12 thoughts on “Fan Magazine Fun: 1920s Kids Draw Their Favorite Stars

  1. I don’t want to be all ‘things were better in the old days’, but they’re absurdly good aren’t they? I’d like to think that Helen Strand from Seattle, Washington went on to have a successful career as an artist.

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