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Starting precisely on August 1st, we’re going to start exploring the nooks and crannies of silent comedy! You may know Charlie Chaplin, but how acquainted are you with Charley Bowers? You’re probably familiar with Mabel Normand, but how often have you heard of Gale Henry or Billie Rhodes?

There were dozens of silent comedians who are rarely discussed today, but your own great-grandparents may have been their fans. They deserve some mentions, some discussions, and perhaps…crossing my fingers…even a few brand-new fans.

Marcel Perez thinks that’s a fabulous idea!

So please join me during these last few weeks of summer (we’re in the last weeks already?) as we start covering some notable comedians who aren’t a part of the Big Four. I could not be more excited!!


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  1. Great idea! Love to hear people talk about the less-talked-about! This is why I love to read the early movie magazines. It keeps their memory alive, while giving us insight into what made people laugh back in the day. Oh, I just love it!

    • Glad you’re psyched, Kitty–so am I! I’m another fan of those old movie magazines, too–probably read them more often than contemporary magazines at this point. 😀

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