It’s Liebster Time Again!


I’ve been nominated for two more Liebsters by the very kind MIB and  Ann S Blyth! In case you don’t know, a Liebster Award is an Internet tradition, a fun way for bloggers to welcome each other into the online community as well as help other people discover interesting blogs. When you receive a Liebster, you:

(a) Answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you;
(b) Tell your readers 11 random facts about yourself; and
(c) Nominate up to 11 other bloggers to receive the award, and give them 11 questions to answer on their blogs when they post their nominations.

And so, partly because they’re fun and partly so new subscribers can get to know me better (thanks for following!), let’s go through the questions! 

From MIB:

1. If you could direct a film and cast any actor or actress, living or dead, who would it be? How about remaking Nickelodeon (1976) into something that’s actually good? What a great idea it was, and what a strangely lousy result. I might cast it with unknowns, so we could focus on making a great film that isn’t just showcasing famous names.

2. Which superhero did you want to be as a kid? Lol! I made up my own superhero, who was something like a blend of Batman and Darkwing Duck. It involved a lot of running around the house while wearing a bath towel cape. I also put tiny paper capes on my favorite My Little Ponies and had them live in a cutely-decorated fort.

3. Do you believe in God? Yes, and I’m a practicing Roman Catholic.

4. Should man-buns/topknots be banned (except for Samurai of course)? Yes. PLEASE. When I see one I want to pour superglue on it so the guy has no choice but to cut it off.

5. Have you ever joined or set foot in a gym? Yes, although I don’t have a membership right now, to save money. I’m an active person anyways, so it’s not that essential except for periods of time in the winter when it’s too cold to be outside.

6. What was your favourite childhood toy? I had a big teddy bear and couldn’t sleep without it! I named it Neddy, because, um, a character in the Judge Parker comic strip had that name and it was a lot like “Teddy” but was more unique. 😀 (As a kid I went straight to the funnies whenever I saw a newspaper, of course!)

7. Do you currently have or have you ever had a pet? Yes!

8. And if so, what is/was it? I have a blue budgie named Pepe, who is the latest in a long line of parakeets and is very noisy. He’s also very cute though, so there you are.

9. Can you recall the first film you ever saw at the cinema? My first vague memories are of seeing Aladdin. I thought the Genie was a scream. According to my dad I laughed harder and louder than anyone in the theater. 😀

10. What was the best music concert you ever attended? Mumford & Sons from a couple years back–great experience!

11. Is there a particular word you have trouble pronouncing? “Sixth,” especially if I follow it with an “s” word. Try saying The Sixth Sense three times really fast. O_o


And here’s some questions from Ann S Blyth:

1. If you had to choose one classic film to be remade today, which would it be and why? A really, really awesome version of Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None. But I’d want my version to be filmed in the 1940s (there were several versions back then but none as awesome as I’d like). Imagine what Alfred Hitchcock could’ve done with that story!! Either Ann Blyth or Jeanne Crain could’ve made a great Vera (and yes, believe it or not I thought of Blyth before seeing your blog, Samantha! 😉 )

2. Which modern actors would you cast in the remake, and why? Hmm, a modern version–that would be harder. I’ll keep it vague and say “British actors.”

3. Choose three of your favorite classic film directors, and list your favorite film of each. F.W. Murnau, Faust; Buster Keaton, The General; and Frank Capra, It’s a Wonderful Life.

4. Who is your favorite onscreen classic film couple, and why? Buster and Sybil Seely from One Week–loving, equal partners weathering all sorts of absurd hardships together.

5. Who is your favorite offscreen classic film couple, and why? Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz–they made a huge mark on pop culture.

6. Name two classic film stars that you wish had made a film together. Wouldn’t it have been cool to see young Keaton and Chaplin together? I bet they would’ve played off each other super well.

7. What was the first classic film you saw, and what did you like about it? My mom said the first cartoon I watched was Disney’s Cinderella. My mom sat me down in front of the TV with a peanut butter sandwich, and as I was about to take a bite the movie started and I froze, mesmerized, with the sandwich halfway to my mouth. Was far too fascinated to remember eating!

8. Name one classic film that always makes you smile, and one that always makes you cry. Singin’ in the Rain always makes me happy…and Chaplin’s The Kid reduces me to a blubbering mess.

9. List all of the classic film actors that you despise, or think are overrated (if any). That’s tough. There’s no one I really despise, but while I understand people’s fascination with her I do think Louise Brooks is a tad overrated. *ducks*

10. If you could bring one classic film actor back to life (they would be in their prime), who would it be and why? Dear Bobby Harron. And I would fix it so he didn’t pass away in 1920, so we could see what performances he could’ve given in the Jazz Age.

11. You just moved to Hollywood and you’re hosting a dinner party. Name nine classic film stars (producers and directors count too!) that you would invite, living or dead. Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Roscoe Arbuckle, Harry Langdon, Louise Fazenda, Charlie Murray, Al St. John, and Max Linder.


11 random facts about me (pardon me if I repeat any facts from other Liebsters):

  • My favorite musicals are The Phantom of the Opera, Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (quite the bipolar list, there.)
  • I can count to ten in Irish Gaelic, and…and that’s about it.
  • For almost the whole month of November I refuse to shop anywhere but the grocery store or listen to anything on the radio (except the classical station). Because I want to see/hear Christmas stuff when it’s actually Christmastime, and Christmastime happens AFTER THANKSGIVING. 😀
  • My parakeet likes to imitate wild sparrow calls. Once in awhile it’s confusing to figure out where certain chirps are coming from–the sparrows outside, or the pet bird inside!
  • I’ve seen every episode of I Love Lucy, Friends, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office (U.S. version)…more than once.
  • Although a native Minnesotan I have yet to taste lutefisk (sadly?).
  • Classic novels from the 19th century and early 20th century are my favorite.
  • I have a huge fear of heights, which fortunately only bothers me if I’m on a high floor in a mall something like that. There’s something about massive spaces and high walkways that I absolutely cannot handle. Mountains and airplane rides, however, are fine and dandy.
  • I love cooking, and make a lot of stuff from scratch.
  • I went on a solo backpacking trip through Western Europe a few years ago and got to see Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Czech Republic.
  • My family has veterans from WWI, WWII, the Korean war, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the Iraq war.

Grace Kingsley’s HollywoodThe Cinematic Frontier,  Blogferatu, and Phyllis Loves Classic Movies–you are hereby nominated! Join in the fun if you like, no worries if you’d rather not! Here’s your 11 questions:

1.What made you want to start a blog?’

2. If you could travel back in time to witness one–just one–historic event, what would it be?

3. Who are five musicians/bands you can’t live without?

4. You can make your own film and cast it with actors from any era you please. What’s it gonna be about, and who will star?

5. Do you have a favorite painter or sculptor?

6. What are 3 really obscure films you’d recommend?

7. Is there an overlooked era of history that’s just dying to be mined for movie material?

8. Who are your top 3 favorite actresses?

9. How about top 3 favorite actors?

10. What is one classic film that you think could’ve been improved, and in what way?

11. What are your hopes for the future of classic films?

Have fun!!

5 thoughts on “It’s Liebster Time Again!

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  2. Hey I learned so much!! Fascinating and, as always, entertaining!

    My biggest takeaway is…..yeah, don’t go shopping anywhere unless you have to! I HATE hearing Xmas music now, I only want to hear it close to Xmas!

    Gasp! Doug and Mary not invited to the party! I can see Mary’s hurt pout right now! And Doug saying “That’s all right, dear…..she probably just didn’t have enough room for us.” 😀 (just teasing!)

    PS: Yes, regarding “Nickolodeon”!!!! I do like “the Birth Of A Nation” scene at the end, that’s the only worthwhile thing in it. I just watched Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie”, also didn’t do it for me. I DO like Gene Wilder’s “The World’s Greatest Lover” though! Have you ever seen it? Not great, bu better than the other two.

    Also, just watched “The Fortune” which – though not about the movies, does take place in Los Angeles during that era, very funny. I realized it was Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty doing silent shtick, I had never caught all that before!

    Hey Pepe!!!

    • Ha ha! I’m reserving Doug and Mary for my non-slapstick dinner party (although they could do slapstick too, of course, being multitalented and all).

      Have not seen The World’s Greatest Lover, Gene Wilder rocks though so I’ll have to check it out!

      Pepe’s been chirping a lot this evening so he probably appreciates the shoutout. 😀

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