New Christmas Traditions and Harry Langdon’s “Three’s a Crowd”

‘Tis the season to bring back this post! This Harry Langdon classic might not have anything to do with Christmas directly, but its story is very much in line with the holiday spirit. Beautiful winter cinematography, too. I highly recommend adding it to your regular seasonal fare, Harry will appreciate it!


This being a gift-giving time of the year, my friend Steve over at MovieMovieBlogBlog got an intriguing idea for a blogathon: If you could give only one movie to someone this Christmas, what would it be, and what person (or kind of person) would you give it to?


After thinking it over, I decided that my gift would be a silent film (of course) to a fellow silent film lover (who just might appreciate it the most). And it wouldn’t be just any good pre-talkie from whichever genre I choose; it would be a film particularly suited for Christmastime.

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4 thoughts on “New Christmas Traditions and Harry Langdon’s “Three’s a Crowd”

  1. A remarkably brave film that desperately needs reevaluation. As much as we want to find “London After Midnight,” I think “Heart Trouble” would be closer to the silent grail. Chaplin once said that Langdon was his only real competition.

    • As interesting as it would be to finally see London After Midnight, Heart Trouble would probably fascinate me a little more. Langdon was marvelous, he’s one of my go-to comedians after a long rough day. 🙂

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