BLOGATHON UPDATE: The Third Annual Busterthon Is Almost Here!

Silent-ology’s grand Buster celebration is a little over a week away, everyone!! Are you as excited as I am?!


Quite a few bloggers have signed up for this event, and since 2017 is a special year I’ve gone all out and decided that Silent-ology will be holding not one, not two, but three drawings for all blogathon participants! (The hundred-year anniversary of Buster entering films ain’t happening again, folks!) Here are the prizes:

Drawing #1: The International Buster Keaton Society (aka the Damfinos) have graciously donated a $25 giftcard to their Buster Stuff store! They carry DVDs, books, t-shirts, mugs, jewelry–anything and everything Buster!

Drawing #2: A copy of Buster Keaton: The Persistence of Comedy by Imogen Sara Smith, my personal favorite Buster book and a beautifully-written study on his unique skills and timeless appeal.

Drawing #3: A DVD of Industrial Strength Keaton, a compilation of Buster rarities including TV appearances, some of his talkies, and newsreel footage.

If you are just learning about this blogathon and would like to join, go right ahead! I will accept any and all latecomers. And keep in mind that since 2017 is a banner year, duplicates are 100% allowed!

If you like, here are the links to all the posts in the First and Second Annual Buster blogathons.

Here’s The Roster:

Silent-ology: Analyzing the Molasses Scene From The Butcher Boy 

and Reflections on 100 Years of Buster

MovieMovieBlogBlog: For the Love of Buster Keaton

An Ode to Dust: Artwork from a graphic novel project

Silver Screenings: Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Second Sight Cinema: BK: Matinee Idol and The Cameraman

Christina Wehner: The Joy of Discovering Buster Keaton

Finding Nelson Evans: Buster’s Leading Ladies in Pictures

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies: Review of new Keaton short films collection

The Wonderful World of CinemaOne Week

Grace Kingsley’s Hollywood: An Early Keaton Fan: Grace Kingsley

Prince of Hollywood: How Buster Introduced Me to Silents

and article on the Comique shorts

Century FilmsOh, Doctor!

The Midnite Drive-In: “Once Upon a Time” Twilight Zone episode

Critica Retro: Review of My Wonderful World of Slapstick

Welcome To My Magick TheatreCollege and its window into 1920s culture

The Fyuzhe: Homage to James Agee’s Homage to Buster Keaton

Lonely CriticThe Navigator

Caftan Woman: Reviews of Keep Your Eye on the Kid by Catherine Brighton and Bluffon: My Summer with Buster Keaton by Matt Phelan

Little Bits of Classics: Buster’s friendship with Charlie Chaplin and their work together in Limelight

Big Riot V Squad: Buster Keaton: From Stage to Screen

Girls Do Film: Why Buster Keaton Still Matters

Senseless Cinema: The Haunted Worlds of Buster Keaton

Special Purpose Movie BlogThe General: Factual or Fictional?

Once Upon a Screen: Reviews of One Week, The Cook and The Playhouse

Hometowns to Hollywood: Buster’s hometown

Life’s Daily Lessons BlogA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

29 thoughts on “BLOGATHON UPDATE: The Third Annual Busterthon Is Almost Here!

  1. I wish I could participate, but I’m in the process of moving. It’s a tough decision, Buster or homelessness, but I’m told my priority should be keeping a roof over my head. But I will definitely be enjoying all the blogathon articles once I’m settled. Have fun, everybody 🙂

  2. Hi Lea
    This sounds fantastic. I would love to contribute. Could you add me to the list? I want to write about his work on his last film: Funny Thing Happened On the Way To The Forum. If not, I understand, of course😊

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  5. Hi Lea
    Sorry I am a bit late….editing took longer than writing LOL
    I hope it isn’t too late to be included. Thank you so much for hosting this blogathon. Because of this, I really appreciate Keaton’s work even more😊

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