It’s time for Silent-ology to pay tribute to one of the most important film pioneers of all time! He was a gifted artist, a special effects wizard, and an indescribably hard worker with an ocean’s worth of energy. His films are brimful of passion for moving pictures–a passion that borders on childlike glee. For the next month we’ll be covering the enduring legacy of the great Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès–otherwise known as Georges Méliès.

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We’ll be taking a look at his life, films, and how his influence can be seen in Hollywood even today, well over a century later. Stop by often throughout March as we celebrate this giant of film history!


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  1. I LOVE Georges Méliès, so I’m amped! I picked up the mammoth Méliès DVD box from Flicker Alley, as well as the Encore followup DVD with vital films that turned up after the box was released. Cinematic treasure.

  2. Good to see another blog covering my usual stomping-grounds! I’ve been sprinkling Melies reviews in since I started, but I never really get around to finishing all 300-or-whatever-it-is surviving films! I look forward to seeing what you do.

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