Fan Magazine Fun: Kneeology–It’s The Bees Knees!

Part of the fun of spending an unhealthy amount of time perusing old movie magazines is finding…well, stuff you can’t make up. From a June, 1926 issue of Film Fun:

Kneeology film fun june '26

Ok! If you can decipher the jokey movie magazine style, you’re supposed to match the actor with their knees by “reading the knees’ character” or something like that, because sure that can be a game, why not? Props to whoever decided to add “Mr. Skeleton” so we can have a morbid skull grinning at us from the top corner.

Film Fun was one of the fluffier movie magazines and had lots of silly filler pages like this, but doggone it if it didn’t also have a treasure trove of photos. You can go hereΒ to take a look at all the goodies yourself–just be forewarned that you might need a few hours to properly go through ’em!

8 thoughts on “Fan Magazine Fun: Kneeology–It’s The Bees Knees!

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