A Halloween Post Roundup!

Happy Hallowe’en, everyone!

This wonderful illustration is from Dennison’s Bogie Book, a book of Halloween decoration and party ideas that seems to have been published every year, with updates I presume. This comes from the 1925 edition–isn’t it priceless? Here’s another  illustration:

Related image

To celebrate this spooky holiday, here’s a roundup of all my Halloween-inspired posts from the past. Counting my posts from this month, this includes the films:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, because it’s not Halloween without a dose of the finest German Expressionism;
The Phantom of the Opera, because it’s also not Halloween without Lon Chaney;
Keaton’s The Haunted House, one of the great comedian’s popular shorts,
From Morn to Midnight (Von morgens bis mitternachts), the most jawdropping German Expressionist oddity you’ve never heard of;
Genuine: A Tale of a Vampire (1920), the worst German Expressionist oddity you’ve never heard of,
Frankenstein (1910), the world’s first version of Shelley’s tale;
Faust (1926), a film that constantly fills me with awe;
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979)–one of my favorite films, period;
and Au Secours! (1924), a bizarre collaboration between Abel Gance and Max Linder.

I also wrote articles on the following:

So What Exactly Was German Expressionism?, explaining the origin story of this highly unique artistic movement,
Silent Boris and Silent Bela: The Early Careers of Two Horror Icons, where I take a look at the iconic actors’ work during the silent era,
Why Tim Burton Should Thank Pola Negri, about why this actress was instrumental in bringing a certain influential artistic movement to the U.S.,
A Mesmerizing Talent: The Life and Career of Conrad Veidt, an appreciation of this brilliant actor,
“Make Next Halloween Sane!” How 1920s Theater Owners Helped Curb Kids’ Vandalism, a peek into why Halloween could be a headache for many early 20th c. business owners…

…And who could forget,

5 Silent Films That Would’ve Terrified Me As a Child. 🙂

Hope you enjoy! Have a great time tomorrow, my friends!

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