ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fourth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!

Is it that time of the year already? Why yes, it is! Time to start preparing for:

Busterthon 4-1

Time sure sped by in the past year, didn’t it? 2017 being Buster’s centennial of appearing in films, we of course were celebrating him all year long (I sure did!). Now that the centennial is over, it’s time to get back…to our usual 24/7 celebration of all things Buster!


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When: Monday, February 12 and Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

Where: Right here on Silent-ology!

How: To sign up, pick a Keaton film or Keaton-related topic and leave me a comment on this post. (You can also send me a message). Further down this page are some banners to stick onto your blog–please help get the word out about this event! During the blogathon itself, when you publish your post leave me a comment or send me a message with your link. (Please make sure your post mentions both my blog and the name of the event, such as “This post is part of Fourth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon hosted by Silent-ology.”) Post whenever you have time during those two days, no pressure!

What to write about: Anything and everything related to Buster’s eventful life and lengthy career–don’t be afraid to be creative! (Here’s his filmography for some ideas.)  I also encourage articles about his crew and the many wonderful actors who appeared in his films.

For ideas and inspiration, here’s the links to the FirstSecond and Third Annual Buster Blogathons.

Image result for buster keaton portrait


  • To encourage a good variety of topics, I’m going to have one of those “no duplicates” rules (yes, yes, I know).
  • I will be holding a drawing for all blogathon participants–stay tuned for details!
  • As always, I want to encourage everyone to make Buster proud. There’s quite a bit of dubious information out there about his life (particularly his private life), so let’s try and steer clear of those persistent rumors and give him something to smile about!


The Roster:

Silent-ology | Recap of the 23rd Annual Buster Keaton Convention 2017

MovieMovieBlogBlogThe Railrodder and an essay on Buster’s Educational and Columbia sound shorts

Special Purpose Movie Blog | TBA

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films | Essay on why she’s a Buster Keaton fan

Grace Kingsley’s Hollywood | Kingsley’s 1920s interviews with Buster

Once upon a screenConvict 13

Big V Riot Squad | The influence of Buster’s WWI experiences on his films

It’s Rob | Reflections upon visiting Buster’s gravesite

Christina WehnerOur Hospitality

An Ode to Dust | TBA

Movies Meet Their MatchThe General

Welcome To My Magick TheatreSteamboat Bill, Jr.

Silent Wierdness | Article on work with Roscoe Arbuckle and Al St. John

Silver17 Productions | Mock trailer for The Rough House

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest | Tribute to Buster Keaton

Old Hollywood Films | The history of the Italian Villa

Silver ScreeningsCollege

In the Good Old Days of Classic HollywoodThe Cameraman

Critica RetroThe Villain Still Pursued Her

Busterthon 4-4

Busterthon 4-3

Busterthon 4-2

Busterthon 4-1

52 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fourth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!

  1. I have a piece, based on a previous blog of mine in the works, about standing at Buster’s grave. I will be sending it to you on one of the two days. Thank you.

  2. Hi,

    I would love to participate! It’s been far too long long since I had the chance to write for a blogathon. I would like to write up something on Buster’s film work with Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle and Al “Fuzzy” St. John if that’s ok.

    The Blog is Silent Wierdness (it’s spelled wrong on purpose) []

  3. Yay! I was looking forward to this event since, well, last year! I wanto to write about The Villain Still Pursued Her (1940).
    Le from Critica Retro

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