The SFSFF Is Coming!

…That is, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, which starts May 30. And yes, I’M COMING BACK, BABY!!

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Last year, as some readers may remember, I had to skip the event due to a family vacation abroad claiming most of my travel funds. But this year, I’m making up for it–I’ll be returning to the Castro theater for the entire beautiful festival, and am planning on attending every showing if I possibly can. I might add that the festival spans five days this year, so this is not a challenge I accept lightly. I AM READY.

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Dear Castro theater: Please have plenty of this on hand. I will be buying all of it.

This year’s fest promising to be plenty exciting–not only because of the extra showings, but because the great historian Kevin Brownlow himself will be celebrating his 80th birthday with us! He picked out a film for the occasion: Mare Nostrum (1926).

The 2018 lineup looks great, starting with The Man Who Laughs (1928) on opening night. Some of the showings that intrigue me most are The Lighthouse Keepers (1929), a dark French drama involving rabies and storms at sea; People on Sunday (1930), a city-symphony-esque documentary set in Berlin; Good References (1920), a Constance Talmadge light comedy; Serge Bromberg’s demonstration of 1900s shorts; and of course, the final showing of the festival–Battling Butler, which will be introduced by Leonard Maltin!

Battling Butler.AGILE.jpg

Following the SFSFF, I will once again be making my way to Hollywoodland for another round of sightseeing and researching (surprise, surprise!). This will include another trip to the Herrick library, visits to more silent film locations, meanderings along the mighty California beaches, and other good things. I may even splurge on a dinner at the historic Musso and Frank Grill. Some say no Hollywood trip is complete without dining at Musso and Frank, so I’m way overdue. And of course, I will be sure to cover everything for Silent-ology.

The excitement’s mounting…!

4 thoughts on “The SFSFF Is Coming!

  1. So glad you’re going and a great big (early) WELCOME from my home state! Can’t make it myself this year but you going and writing about it is the next best thing. 😁
    I’m really excited about that German(?) Hound Of The Baskervilles as well as the Tales From The Archives thing they’re doing the second day. Hope it’s a blast and that they have not just coffee, but really good coffee for ya!
    Have fun in Hollywood, too! (As if someone could NOT have fun there, right?) 😁 And safe travels!

  2. Good for you! I live in central Cal. but can’t make it this year. I’m also intrigued by the Hound of the Baskervilles showing. I love the story, and my favorite version is with Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee. I’m looking forward to reading what you think about the whole festival. Enjoy!

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