Halloween '17 banner scratchy

It’s that German Expressionist time of the year again! Every year we spend October covering the spookier side of the silent era, and every year I can’t wait to begin. I’ve, err, already started putting up Halloween decorations in my house.

Image result for buster keaton haunted house

A couple friends helping me out.

I liked last year’s banner so much I decided to pull it out again (you’re the Gothic best, Theda!). Feel free to drop by whenever you like this month to see what’s new–I know I’ll be looking forward to it!

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  1. Hello There!

    I am just an old man, and I ask you to excuse my crippled english. I am swedish, and I just discovered your site. Can you answer a ridiculous question? Why was I so shore that you were a guy? Stereotypes are dangerous things to mix in to a conversation. I will not go much further this evening, but I have started more and more to look at silent movies. Being a child i thougt it was fun when the heroes fell all the time, and their legs rattled.

    Nowdays I am not only a father, but also a grandfather. I have another point of wiev today, My oldest son is a cirkus man, an acrobat, so he knows what it´s all about, the gags. And he once saw, and commented a magnificent jump from mr. Chaplin, when I was close by, into a barrel. Don´t exectly rememember the titel of the mowie, but I´m shore you do. One of the big Chaplin-mowies. Buster Keaton and Mr. Chaplin are my heroes. But there are so many more characteres in the silent world. But you – it´s not really silent. The music is often splendid, Depends on the creator.

    It´s getting late here in my country, but i hope you will have a nice evening in your part of the world..


    • Hello Erik, thanks for stopping by Silent-ology! Ha ha, that’s okay if you thought I was a guy at first. As long as I get my thoughts across clearly, it’s no big deal.

      That’s cool that your son is an acrobat! Acrobats and other circus/carnival-type performers have a unique point of view when it comes to appreciating silent comedy. They can analyze silent comedians as fellow performers, which is really something. Not being an actress or anything myself, that impresses me.

      Thanks again for reading my blog, you’re welcome here anytime!

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