BLOGATHON UPDATE: Less Than Two Weeks Until Busterthon Five!

Happy Friday, all! It’s hard to believe, but the anticipated Buster Blogathon V is only ten days away!

Busterthon 5-4

This year we have a lot of Busterthon regulars as well as some new faces. A hearty welcome to all–this event is shaping up to be as exciting and enlightening as previous years!

So for this year’s ‘thon, I’ve decided to give away a copy of the book Silent Echoes: Discovering Early Hollywood Through the Films of Buster Keaton by noted film historian/modern day detective John Bengtson. This essential work covers Buster’s numerous filming locations, from shorts to masterpieces like The General, in minute and copiously-illustrated detail. It’s an awe-inspiring book that allows fans to literally stand in the same places as our favorite comedian. I never travel to L.A. without it! (And one day when I finally visit Cottage Grove, Oregon, it’s the first thing going in my carry on.)

Bloggers: I wanted to send out a reminder that the talented artist Julia Hut is offering to illustrate your Buster articles! If you’d like her to create illustrations for your post, let her know at least a week ahead of the blogathon dates so she has time to design them for you. You can reach her at Here’s a couple samples of her work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, I know many of you are familiar with the blogathon drill (and a few of you are already getting out posts ahead of time, which is grand), but just in case: During the blogathon dates, send me the links to your posts whenever they are ready–no pressure! If you’re posting early that’s fine too, just send the link my way and it’ll be up by the 18th. (And if you could maybe drop Silent-ology a nod during the blogathon days, that would a fine gesture too!)

Looking forward to it, everyone!!

The Roster:

Silent-ology | Buster’s Wife’s Relations–Getting To Know The Talmadge Family

Movie Movie Blog Blog II| Buster and Lucille Ball’s 1965 TV sketch

and Seven Chances

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films  | Sherlock Jr.

Grace Kingsley’s Hollywood | Article on Buster’s coverage in LA Times film gossip


Silver Screenings | The Cameraman

A Person in the Dark | “Learning About Buster” essay

Julia Hut | Artwork TBA

Silver17 Productions | Tribute video about surreal moments in Buster’s films

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest | “Buster Keaton: The Art of the Gags” essay

Big Riot V Squad | The Comique films and Roscoe Arbuckle’s team

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood | The General

Critica Retro | The Saphead

Taking Up Room | How To Stuff a Wild Bikini

A la rencontre du Septième Art | Our Hospitality

The Stop ButtonHard Luck

The Wonderful World of Cinema | The Great Buster (2018)

MovieRobLimelight (1952)

Welcome To My Magick Theatre | Spite Marriage

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