A Big THANK YOU From Me And Buster!

Yet another wonderful Buster Keaton Blogathon has come to a close. After reading and enjoying all your thoughtful articles and essays,  I want to offer a warm:

Buster blogathon thank you 2019

Not only is this annual event an excellent way to celebrate Buster’s work, but it’s also doing a service to his legacy. Every Buster-themed post in every participating blog introduces his work to readers around the world. Since not everyone is familiar with silent comedy nowadays, events like this are one small way of contributing to a worthy cause–spreading the joy of Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton’s masterful films.

And now, as promised, it’s time for the drawing for the book Silent Echoes: Discovering Early Hollywood Through the Films of Buster Keaton by John Bengtson. One copy of this fine volume will go to one of the blogathon participants. Here we go!


As per tradition, I will draw a name from my handy 1920s-style cloche hat:

Buster drawing19har

And the winner is……..*drumroll*


Congratulations, Taking Up Room! We will be in touch. If you don’t hear from me first, feel free to contact me on my “About Silent-ology” page so we can email each other. (NOTE: I know many of us Buster fans snap up as much merchandise as we can, so if you already have this book let me know if you’d like me to draw another name.)

Thank you again, my friends. Let’s start counting down the days until next year!

Image result for buster keaton hat tip

Buster’s already begun.

8 thoughts on “A Big THANK YOU From Me And Buster!

  1. THANK YOU for hosting this,Lea. You’ve done Buster proud. Can’t wait for the 6th Annual Buster Blogathon.

  2. Hooray! This was a blast; I’m so glad I got to participate this year in some small way. Thanks again Lea for doing this! (p.s. I’m gonna email you in a second; so look out for a message from me)

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