Fan Magazine Fun: “What It Costs To Be A Well-Dressed Sheik”

Continuing with this month’s theme, I thought you guys would get a kick out of this little article from Motion Picture Classic, September 1926 (right click to enlarge):

Valentino well dressed sheik Sept '26

The grand total of Rudy’s The Son of the Shek outfit is–$11,260! Pretty steep for 1926, that for sure. Hmm, wonder how much that might be today?


Valentino well dress sheik cost today

There’s a lot of average 1920s salaries packed into the price tag for Rudy’s robes…! It’s interesting that this article came out just a couple weeks after Rudy’s death, yet it was clearly written beforehand and published just as usual. Since he passed away in late August, maybe there wasn’t time to update it. I’ve noticed it wasn’t unusual for some fan magazines to be slightly behind the times.

This all reminds me–here’s a similar article from another Motion Picture Classic which I shared a couple years ago, featuring one of Rudy’s “sheik” rivals, Ramon Novarro:

How to well dressed man mot pic classic '26

That single silk handkerchief would be about $14 today–and that’s just a minor part of the ensemble. Phew!

Well, I’m off to shop at some thrift stores–maybe Target too, just to be fancy. Have a grand day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Fan Magazine Fun: “What It Costs To Be A Well-Dressed Sheik”

  1. Thanks for posting, Lea! The two articles were fun. I was in St. Paul 2 weeks ago looking in some vintage stores, and found a couple of pretty expensive dresses from the 1930’s that were in good shape. I like to dress vintage, but it can be quite pricy unless you are lucky with thrift shop finds or estate sales!

    • It’s hard to find the right sizes, too. I’m thin but taller, and it seems like all the cute vintage clothing that survives was made for teeny Marion Byron-size gals. 😀

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