Reblogging Cuz It’s Amazing: “Buster Keaton’s ‘Scarecrow’ Adobe”

Thanks to a fabulous guest post on the essential site Silent Locations, I finally have the answer to a question that’s plagued me for years: exactly what is that ruined building Buster and Luke the dog run around on in The Scarecrow (1920), and what was its history? (I’m not kidding, I love old buildings and have been dying to know!) Historian and former visual effects artist Jeffrey Castel de Oro managed to track down the precise whereabouts of this old brick building and its background–it’s a fabulous piece of research, with maps and diagrams and all! Read on to enjoy:

Chaplin-Keaton-Lloyd film locations (and more)

I’m delighted to host guest bloggerJeffrey Castel de Oro’s amazing post regarding the early California history appearing in Buster Keaton’s The Scarecrow. A friend for 20 years, Jeff has contributed many significant locations and photographs to all of my books, including at left two of my favorite of his discoveries, both scenes from Keaton’s Cops – the triangle building that proved to be the former USC College of Dentistry Building, and a scene in the downtown Civic Center on long lost New High Street, in the shadow of the former Hall of Records Building and County Court House. Take it away – Jeff.

A true adobe – looking SE towards the Baldwin Hills.

In the 1920 short film The Scarecrow Buster Keaton’s farmhand character, on the run from a dog he has mistakenly assumed to be rabid, is pursued to a small house made of adobe bricks. After…

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6 thoughts on “Reblogging Cuz It’s Amazing: “Buster Keaton’s ‘Scarecrow’ Adobe”

    • Just think, Buster was essentially using a very old piece of history as a prop. 😀 And if he hadn’t, who would remember that specific old building had existed at all?

  1. I grew up in this area and had no idea an adobe once stood in the La Ballona area. In the 1921 aerial photograph, it appears there was farmland. There was a Lopez family ranch in this same area, but it difficult to see the ranch house in this photo without enhancing it. Thank you for the post.

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