UPDATE: The Sixth Buster Blogathon Is Coming Up Soon!

In just seven days, it’ll be time for…

Busterthon 6 1

Yes, our “yearly Bustering” (as one fellow blogger put it) is nearly upon us! I’m looking forward to reading all your fine entries, and offer a pre-thank you to all the bloggers who are joining in. I know there’s a lot (a lot) of competing blogathons nowadays, so it’s always nice to see you guys set aside a little time to honor our favorite porkpie-hatted comedian!

As many of you already know, I hold a drawing every year for blogathon participants as a little “thank you.” This year our annual Busterthon is graciously being sponsored by the International Buster Keaton Society itself (aka the Damfinos), which is donating a $50 giftcard to their awesome online Buster Stuff store! For many years the Damfinos have worked hard to preserve Buster’s legacy and share his fabulous films with the world, and they also host a lovely convention every October (it could not be more highly recommended). Silent-ology is honored to have their support!

Image result for damfinos

Now, if you’re just learning about this blogathon and would like to join in, go right ahead, latecomers are welcome! And keep in mind that duplicates are 100% allowed!

If you’re curious, here’s the links to the FirstSecond, Third, Fourth and Fifth Buster Blogathons. Whew–maybe we should start calling this the Busterthon Library!

Happy writing, everyone!

The Roster:

Silent-ology | Reviewing All Of Buster’s Educational Shorts

MovieMovieBlogBlogIIThe General

Shadowplay | TBA

Critica RetroSherlock Jr.

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A BlogSpeak Easily

Big V Riot SquadThe Saphead

Cameras Against Humanity | Keaton and the Kuleshov Effect

Taking Up RoomIn the Good Old Summertime

Talk About CinemaThe Railrodder and Buster Keaton Rides Again

Silver17 Productions | Fan trailer for The Cook

MovieRobThe Navigator and The Stolen Jools

Thoughts of One Truly LovedThe Navigator

The Everyday CinephileThe Cameraman

Groovy Like a Silent Movie | Essay on Buster’s fandom

Wonderful World of CinemaDay Dreams

In the Good Old Days of Classic HollywoodThe General

16 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Sixth Buster Blogathon Is Coming Up Soon!

  1. Buster Keaton was asked to plot the stunts for the movie, “In the Good Ol Summertime” and was so obviously wonderful at his job that he was eventually hired as an actor playing the part of Hickey. He was such a sweetheart in this film. I especially love to watch him be a gentleman to the fabulous Judy Garland! He is the cutest little fellow ever!

  2. Hey Lea. I’ve only just seen that your hosting this blogathon again. I know I’m really late in signing up, but I have a half written post on “The General” saved in my blog drafts that I’d like to submit for the blogathon if its okay?

    • Absolutely, happy to have you back, Crystal!! There’s plenty of time to finish up your post (I’m still finishing up mine right now 😀 ).

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