Forgotten Comedians Month Two 1

It’s theme month time!! And this time it’s a 2.0. A few years ago Silent-ology had Forgotten Comedians Month, covering such overlooked luminaries as Louise Fazenda and Charley Bowers (not to mention a nod to those magnificent silent comedy mustaches). Well, I enjoyed putting that together so much that I decided to do it all over again–August 2020 will officially be Forgotten Comedians Month 2!

Al St. John sure likes the sound of that.

While silent comedy will always be indebted to the great work of the Big Three (or Big Four), there was a huge world of hardworking comedians and comediennes who had their own contributions to the beloved genre. So throughout August, we’re going to be exploring the work of folks you might not have heard of–and perhaps introduce you to some new favorites!

Rose M. “Lily” Smock Minzey (1873-1946) - Find A Grave Memorial

You never know!

So stop by when you can, my friends, and enjoy!

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  1. I am so into this, Madame! Been getting acquainted with lots of new comedians lately courtesy of Ben and Steve’s Silent Comedy Watch Parties.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store! 😁

    • He’s one of those performers who make complicated pratfalls and acrobatics look effortless. He always looked completely at ease on the stage, too. Just an all-around pro.

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