The spookiest time of the year–one of my most favorite times–is finally here! And hey, I managed to hold off from decorating my apartment until…well, a few days ago. (Ahem.) Allow me to sound a trumpet and say that October will hereby be dedicated to the silent era’s more “gothic” side (with the possible exception of Buster Keaton’s upcoming birthday, just so ya know), from obscure “old dark house” type films to that darn fascinating genre of German Expressionism.

NonMetalWednesday - German Expressionism | Metal Amino
Seriously, I never get tired of it. (Still’s from The Student of Prague, 1926.)

You probably haven’t noticed, but 2020 has been a rather odd year…which is all the more reason to let loose and get some perfectly harmless thrills from some of our oldest horror classics! So if you’re a kindred spirit, please stop by when you can this month, and don’t forget to grab some candy corn (the bowl’s on my coffee table). The awesome image in the banner, by the way, is a still from The Sorrows of Satan (1926), one of D.W. Griffith’s lesser known films. Will it be covered this month? Or will I cover something equally overlooked? You’ll just have to tune in, my friends…! Halloween time is back!

Horror Homeroom on Twitter: "Top 10 silent #horror films & you can watch them all on new @silent_film_era # silentfilm #silentmovies #filmhistory…"
Try not to get too excited!

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  1. Hi! I’ve been enjoying this place a lot; you should link to it from the Bleat more often!

    You’re probably aware of this, but if you’re not…there’s a treasure trove of silent goodness on the Internet Archive, notably the Bill Sprague Collection It’s quite a rabbit hole in which to lose yourself. Thanks for your efforts!

    • Happy to see you here, Stiiv! You’re welcome to stop by anytime. Thanks for the tips, I think I’ve seen some films from the Sprague collection before, it is indeed a great resource.

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