ANNOUNCEMENT: The Eighth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!

I’m sure you knew it was coming–and it’s here! I’m officially announcing that the great Busterthon is coming back, for an eighth year in a row!

When: Monday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

Where: Right here on Silent-ology!

Senseless Cinema: Buster's Blockbusters: The Commercial Success of Buster  Keaton's Features

How: To join in:

  • Please leave a comment on this post and let me know which Buster film or Buster-related topic you’d like to cover. (Or you can feel free to send me a message).
  • Help spread the word about the event by adding one of my banners to your blog! (I went with more of a “classic banner” look this time–it’s always fun coming up with different designs!)
  • During the blogathon itself, when you publish your post please leave me a comment with the link to it (or you can send me a message). Publish whenever you have time during March 14th and 15th!
  • Don’t forget to mention Silent-ology and the blogathon in your post, if you please, to help publicize the event.
  • You can definitely publish your post before the 14th if you want (many do), just give me a head’s up. Just know that Silent-ology will be putting up the official blogathon post with all the new links only on the blogathon dates.

What to write about: Anything and everything Buster! (Check out his filmography for some ideas.) You can write about one of his short films, one of the actors who appeared onscreen with him, his costume in a particular film, his influence on a certain actor/director, an experience you had at a Buster screening, a piece of art you made about him–whatever you like! There’s infinite ways to celebrate our brilliant comedian. Also: Duplicate topics are 100% allowed! Everyone has a different perspective, so 2-3 posts on the same film are welcome.

Buster Keaton! | Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival

I will be hosting a drawing for all blogathon participants on March 16 as a “thank you” to everyone who joined in. The prize will be announced closer to the blogathon dates–although I already have a good idea of what it’s going to be!

As always: Make Buster Proud! There’s a lot of dubious information out there about his life and career, so let’s try and steer clear of those myths and rumors as best we can. Just imagine you were going to have Eleanor Keaton look at your piece before you published it. *wink*

Buster Keaton, 1960 | Hollywood, Busters, In hollywood

For ideas and inspiration, here’s the links to the FirstSecond, Third, FourthFifthSixth and Seventh Buster Blogathons. Just look at all those links–what a library! I love it, my friends.


The Roster:

Silent-ology | Reviewing All Of Buster’s MGM Features

The Thoughts Of One Truly Loved | How I Fell For Buster Keaton

Cinematica | The Scarecrow (1920)

nitrateglow | Reviews of the books The Vampire Diary of Buster Keaton and Bluffton

Taking Up Room | College (1927)

Whimsically Classic | The Great Buster (2018) documentary

Realweegiemidget Reviews | Beach Blanket Bingo (1965)

The Wonderful World of Cinema | The Donna Reed Show episode “A Very Merry Christmas”

Century Film Project | Cops (1922)

Critica Retro | Buster Keaton: The Genius Destroyed By Hollywood (2016) documentary

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write A Blog | Buster’s Columbia shorts

Big V Riot Squad | “Buster Keaton’s Silent Shorts — Reel Two”

Silver Screenings | The Haunted House (1921)

Rekha’s Sousaphone | Our Hospitality adaptations in Hindi pop cinema

Silent Locations | Video tour of Buster’s 1920s studio

University of Iowa Libraries blog | Article on the Marion Meade research paper collection

56 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Eighth Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon!

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  2. Wow, the blogathon will happen just 3 days after Cops turns on 100 years 🙂 Hope to read an article on this.
    As i have no blog, the only thing I can do is mention the blogathon on FB (with one of the picture here up if ok for you)

      • Buster manages to, rather amazingly, survive the penchant of Jules White and the Columbia Shorts Department for making Three Stooges style slapstick comedies – perfect for Moe, Larry and Curly, as the formula works for them, but not great for everyone else – with all headliners on the lot. Given the slightest opportunity, Keaton works wonders, even in the worst of circumstances.

  3. This year i started my own silent film blog and would like to participate. I have something very personal and beautiful to share, although it is small. Is there a deadline to confirm participation in the blogathon?

  4. Hi Lea. I’m so happy that Buster is back. I have been looking forward to number 8 since number 7. I am working on “Buster Keaton’s Silent Shorts — Reel Two,” about his second season of shorts.

  5. Howdy! Ruth pointed me in your direction. In real life and nonpseudonymously, I write regularly for “The Chronicle.” My blog is on a rather different sort of film: Hindi pop cinema of the 1960s-’80s. I think I’ve found a way to make this work, though!

    The Telugu movie “Maryada Ramanna” kicked off a whole passel of Indian “Our Hospitality” adaptations in 2010-2015, including a Hindi one called “Son of Sardaar.” I’d be happy to write about those two movies. The aspects of the “Our Hospitality” storyline that most appealed to Desi filmmakers also resonate with the “masala” narrative tradition that developed in the era I more typically discuss on my blog. One wouldn’t think that there would be many movies directly indebted both to Keaton’s silent features and late-’70s “daaku” actioners, but confusingly, there are at least six.* Sound copacetic?

    (*Given the chance to more thoroughly search for subtitled prints, I may also be able to include the Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, or Bengali adaptations of “Our Hospitality.” Sadly, I don’t know up from down in those languages : P)

  6. I’m writing on behalf of the University of Iowa Department of Special Collections & Archives. We’ll be publishing a post on our official blog about the Marion Meade Buster Keaton Research Files, which are held at the University of Iowa. The files include great images and lots of interviews from Meade’s research for her biography, Cut to the Chase.

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