THANK YOU Fellow Bloggers!

The last two days have flown by (I’m still working my way through all your pieces) and the Eighth Annual Buster Keaton blogathon is officially a wrap! So to all the participants, I wanted to say a heartfelt…

…from Buster and from Silent-ology, too! (And from Alice Mann–hey, she’s been enjoying the posts too. 😉 ) And many thanks to all you fine readers who took the time to stop by, I hope you’ve had fun reading through all the posts and maybe you discovered some thoughtful new blogs to follow, too!

As an extra “thank you,” this morning I held my annual drawing for all blogathon participants. This time the prize is the wonderful new biography Buster Keaton: A Filmmaker’s Life by James Curtis (I HIGHLY recommend it!). Drumroll please…

And the winner is…

Congratulations Century Film Project! We’ll be in touch. (Now, I know many of us Buster fans tend to buy the latest books and DVDs ASAP, so if you already have this book let me know and I’ll draw another name.)

Many thanks once again, and I hope to see many of you next year!! Just think of it, we’re getting close to the ten year anniversary of our Busterthon…!

5 thoughts on “THANK YOU Fellow Bloggers!

  1. Well howboutthat? Thanks! No, I don’t have it already. Like a lot of librarians, I tend to be slow about building a personal collection, since I can always rely on taking home free stuff from work.

    • Good, glad I can help you add to the collection!! Feel free to send me your address via my About Silentology page ^ so I can get it sent to ya. Congrats!

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