UPDATE: Less Than A Week Until The Silent Movie Day Blogathon!

It’s coming closer! The Silent Movie Day Blogathon hosted by myself and In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood is a mere six days away!

Silent Movie Day–destined to be one of your favorite holidays, behind Thanksgiving and Christmas–is an official yearly celebration of the silent era. Anyone can participate in any way they choose: by watching silent films, sharing the love of them on social media, hosting a screening, donating to an archive…whatever works for you! We decided to host a silent film blogathon for the second year in a row, and happily quite a few people have signed up. (If you’re interested, there’s still time–no pressure!) We’re almost there, folks!


I did want to add that goodness, I’ve been a bit AWOL this month, haven’t I? Probably the most since Silent-ology started, surprisingly enough. But it’s for a good reason–on top of a couple other non-blog-related writing projects, I’ve been asked to contribute a program essay to one of my favorite film festivals. So happily, my writing time and attention has been well occupied lately! So never fear, Silent-ology is rarely far from my mind, and if I’m ever AWOL it’s probably because it lead me to an exciting opportunity (and I can’t get by without sleep, ha ha).

Also, a reminder: October is coming.


Without further ado, a copy of le roster:

The Roster:

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood | TBA

Silent-ology | Silent film performances that have stuck with me

The Thoughts of One Truly Loved | My Best Girl (1927)

The Everyday Cinephile | “10 Genres, 20 Must See Silent Films.”

Brooksie at the Movies | “Cherie Rich, Australia’s Only Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty.”

Nitrate Glow | Top grossing films of 1922

Taking Up Room | White Tiger (1923)

Whimsically Classic | The Freshman (1925)

Realweegiemidget Reviews | Sunset Boulevard (1950)

All About Rudy | “June Mathis and Silent Films of Hollywood.”

Century Film Project | Blood and Sand (1922)

That William Powell Site | The lost film The Great Gatsby (1926)

Critica Retro | The Finances of the Grand Duke (1924)

wolffian classic movies digest | The Man Who Laughs (1928)

L.A. Daily Mirror | The history of Mack Sennett Studios

Silver Screenings | Mickey (1918)

LaurelandHardyBlog | Liberty (1929)

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