Thoughts On: “Synthetic Sin” (1929)

So I just got back from attending the Kansas Silent Film Festival (for the third time!), and until my post on “Underworld” ready to go I thought I do a repost of this fun flapper feature. Starring the wonderful Colleen Moore, one of my favorite ’20s actresses, “Synthetic Sin” is a light comedy that mixes our lively heroine up with a group of gangsters–at a time when gangsters themselves were all over the papers. Enjoy!


One of the most delightful things about watching a 1920s flapper film is that it’s always happy to confirm all your expectations about the Jazz Age…or the shined-up Hollywoodland Jazz Age, at any rate. The moment you pop in that DVD or plunk down in your seat in the (independent) theater, the bobbed hair, flasks, short-ish skirts, greased-back hair, Charleston dancing and snappy slang come roaring back to life. And what better way to revisit that exciting, “Ain’t We Got Fun?” era than with the vivacious Colleen Moore?

File:Synthetic sin 2.JPG

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