Repost: Segundo De Chomon–The Man You Think Is Melies

Good news: After one of Minnesota’s top 10 snowiest winters on record, we finally had a stretch of magnificently warm weather this week! Bad news: This has taken a toll on my usual “write things” discipline–it’s just too warm and sunny, my friends. *Wink* Thus, in the spirit of last week’s piece on artsy imagery in cinema, here’s a repost of my little article on an excellent early cinematic artist.


So you’re browsing the Interwebs and you stumble across a short film that’s clearly from the dawn of the 20th century. It has that stationary camera facing a set that’s basically a theater stage, people in quaint outfits, fairyland imagery, hand-applied coloring, and those special effects that involve sudden edits and puffs of smoke. Yes, you know exactly what this film is–it is most definitely a work by the ever-imaginative moving picture pioneer, GeorgesMéliès! ‘Tis himself!

But maybe take another look at that film, because there’s a good chance that it’s actually bySegundo de Chomón.


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