6 Silent-Related Locations Still On My Bucket List

Yes, I am alive…barely! I was sick pretty much this whole month and had to put a bunch of writing projects on hold. So until I get some new content up I thought this repost would be a good vehicle for discussion. Do you have a “silent film locations” bucket list? Anything interesting or unique you’d like to share? Please comment!


So thanks to several carefully-planned Hollywoodtrips, I’ve been very fortunate to visit some really cool silent-related locations, such as the site of the former Keystone studio, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the Roosevelt Hotel, the Chaplin studio, Buster Keaton’s gravesite, the Egyptian Theatre, Musso & Frank’s, and the closest a stranger can legally get to Buster’s Italian Villa.

DSC00568 About this close (before the guard comes out).

I’ve also had priceless experiences at both the Buster Keaton Convention in Muskegon, Michigan and the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. For a classic film lover, each and every one of these experiences was a dream come true–from the big festivals to the little moments like relaxing in L.A.’s Echo Park and thinking, “That’s the same lake all those Keystone comedians had to jump into!”

DSC00812 If the water wasn’t…questionable, I would totally jump in too.

But there’s still several places I’m bound and…

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6 thoughts on “6 Silent-Related Locations Still On My Bucket List

  1. Lea, the next time you come to L.A. you could see some of the silent stars’ homes. I did that a number of years ago, comparing them to the images on vintage postcards of the 1920s. Many of those houses are now gone (Tom Mix, Gloria Swanson, Mabel Normand), but many are still there (Dolores Del Rio, Henry B. Walthall, Anita Stewart). There’s also the Chaplin Studio, Beale’s Cut (seen in SEVEN CHANCES) and the location of the MODERN TIMES finale, a stretch of lonely road where the silent era came to an end.

    And the next time you visit the Bay Area, go to Niles and see the location of the Essanay Studio. Very nearby are locations used in THE TRAMP, THE CHAMPION and Mary Pickford’s REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM. And, back in San Francisco, you can see the same building used for McTeague’s dental office in GREED, as well as exteriors from a couple of Keaton shorts.

    • Love these suggestions, Christopher! I’ve been to the Chaplin studio a few times, haven’t seen too many movie star homes yet though. I always swore I’d never try and drive in LA, lol, but it might be worth it to rent a car for a day for those off-the-beaten-path sites…

      I’d love to go to Niles one day, only problem is I’m only ever in the Bay area for the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, and the Niles museum always closes so the employees can go to the festival too, lol! I’m sure I’ll make it one day, though. And I for sure want to see the Greed location at some point.

      There’s a McTeague themed bar on Polk Street that I’ve been to! A bit divey but they had a big gold tooth hanging outside and everything.

  2. Hope you are okay. Miss your lively writing and blogs. Any word when theComique mag guy is going to put out another issue? That guy is brilliant doing that

    • Thank you, I’m finally improving but it’s sure taken awhile. Had some kind of cold virus/sinus infection that turned into a double ear infection, and the right ear has been taking its sweet time getting better…!

      I’m guessing the next Comique will be out this summer? I contributed an article again, so I know it’s on the way.

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