About Silent-ology


This site is lovingly devoted to exploring the incomparable world of silent films. It’s my obsessive dig through early film history, seeking details, asking questions, and hopefully offering fresh perspectives on topics ranging from the art of German Expressionism to those darn banana peels.

Why I Started Silent-ology

I discovered silent film not too long ago. It struck a chord with me that no other genre ever has. It opened my eyes to new forms of expression, new perspectives, and a new appreciation for history–history that can actually be seen.  Just think about that! Watching these early films is the closest we can ever get to travelling back in time. No other past era in history had ever been recorded for our eyes. Silent films are an indescribable gift.

The more silents I watched and the more I read about the era the more fascinating it all became–and the more fun information there was to share and discuss. Soon it was clear–I just had to crack open my laptop and start writing about it.


About me

My name is Lea Stans and I am a born and raised Minnesotan with a degree in English. Along with writing weekly posts for Silent-ology, I write a column for the magazine Silent Film Quarterly and a monthly column for the site Classic Movie Hub. I have also written for the International Buster Keaton Society’s Keaton Chronicle and had the honor of giving a presentation at their annual convention. And my great enthusiasm for the underrated silent era is all Buster Keaton’s fault.

Here’s me in a Hollywood hat in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater (and some strangers):


Want to contact me? Send me a message here:


20 thoughts on “About Silent-ology

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  7. Hi, I just ran across your site and will look forward to reading more. I like your comment about silents being a gift that allows to travel back in time. I think that is what fascinates me most about them. In some cases, it is not so much the plot, performance, or direction of the film, but its ability to act as a portal in time, transporting us into the essential atmosphere, the intangible look and feel of a world long gone.

    • Film captures that lost world like no other medium can. We, and all future generations, are indescribably lucky to have it. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts–feel free to come back often! 😉

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