Ask Me Anything!–Answers To Your Qs

Alrighty! It’s time for the answers to Silent-ology’s first AMA, which a number of you kindly responded too. Many thanks!

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I must say, you guys asked some really great questions–and a couple doozies! 😀 Which is grand–doozies are encouraged here. Without further ado:

What are your top 3 films by decade, going back to the beginning of cinema? (Yes, I’m including the 1880s.) 

By “top” films, I’m guessing you’re asking what my personal favorites are from each decade–heck, that’s what I’m going with! (Man, just choosing three of my faves was hard. My poor brain.) Continue reading

Ask Me Anything!–Silent-ology Edition


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It’s been a week and we’re still partying!

To kick off this glorious and familiar-sounding new decade, I thought we’d shake things up a bit and do Silent-ology’s very first AMA: Ask Me Anything!

How it works is pretty simple: you guys ask me whatever silent cinema-related question that pop into your heads, or whatever you like really, and I’ll post my responses in a few days. It’ll be a kind of “come and know me better, man” post.

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Pictured: Jobyna participating in her own AMA.

Want to know my (brief) thoughts on films I haven’t written about yet? Looking for obscure factoids about silent cinema and wondering if I can help? Wondering what some of my favorite talkies are? Want to know my favorite color or how I’d rank all the Star Wars movies? 😉

Yes, you can even drop the oh-so-cliched “Keaton or Chaplin?” on me. Ask away!