Fan Magazine Fun: Odds And Ends From “Film Fun”

Just in time for the weekend, it’s the latest installment of Fan Magazine Fun, where I share funny cartoons, fluff articles, and other strange goodies that can be found lurking in the pages of old movie magazines.

FilmFun charlie head cover Sept '19

And totally not-creepy cover art of disembodied Charlie heads.

This time I found so many amusing odds and ends that I decided to put together a little collection of clippings. These are from February-June 1919 issues of Film Fun, one of the fluffiest of early fan magazines.  Continue reading


Fan Magazine Fun: Kneeology–It’s The Bees Knees!

Part of the fun of spending an unhealthy amount of time perusing old movie magazines is finding…well, stuff you can’t make up. From a June, 1926 issue of Film Fun:

Kneeology film fun june '26 Continue reading