Thoughts on “Frankenstein” (1910)

Have you ever thought about how classic “monster” costumes like Dracula and Frankenstein used to be completely different from the way we imagine them now? The black capes, widow’s peaks, flat heads and neck bolts are so ingrained in us and our Halloween costume aisles that it’s downright impossible to imagine them any other way.

Although at times dark forces have tried to sway us.

But if you had walked up to the average person in the Twenties and showed them a picture of Bela Lugosi in full Dracula regalia, he would probably say “he looks Latin, or something foreign of that sort” and “he’s got that patent leather Valentino hair. Really, I don’t know what the women see in that fellow Valentino. I’d much rather watch Douglas Fairbanks.” (The person you walked up to is an average Twenties man.) Continue reading