The Scandalous Secret of Lew Cody’s Door

And how is everyone today? I’ve tweaked the ol’ blog banner up there, changing the Impact font to something a little more unique. The serifs are just a tad old-timey, but not too much. Or so I like to think.

Anyhoo! Here’s a marvel from the February 1927 issue of Motion Picture Magazine: actor Lew Cody posing with a door in his house bearing graffiti from just about anyone who was Anyone in Hollywood. Some of the details are hard to make out, and darn that glare, but if WordPress will play nice you should be able to click on it to see it up close:

Lew Codys door mot pit mag Feb. '27

I spy Mabel Normand, Alma Rubens, Charles Ray, Henry B. Walthall, Marie Prevost, Rudolph Valentino, Ralph Spence, Lloyd Hamilton…and note the fantastic “CONSTANCE T. VS. BUSTER” scratch toward the top (meaning Constance Talmadge and Buster Keaton, of course!). Continue reading