Contrary to Popular Opinion: Thoughts on “Pandora’s Box”

This post was written especially for the Contrary to Popular Opinion blogathon, hosted by Sister Celluloid with the help of Movies Silently. This ‘thon is all about unpopular opinions–maybe one blogger thinks a reviled film is a secret classic, or maybe another feels that a critically-acclaimed masterpiece is overrated. Whatever the case, we’re sharing our opinions this weekend and I thank you for stopping by to check out mine!

The young woman sits quietly in court, wearing a fetching black mourning dress and veil, as her lawyer provides a rousing defense of her innocence in the sudden death of her husband. She thanks him with an attractive smile as he–rather familiarly–kisses her hand. The prosecutor rises, a serious man of the law, and begins to deliver his damning speech: “Your honors. Members of the jury. The Greek gods created a woman: Pandora. She was beautiful, charming, versed in the art of flattery…but the gods also gave her a box containing the evils of the world…” From across the room he catches the eye of the woman he’s condemning. She smiles slowly, beguilingly. Serious Man of the Law stops, too charmed for a moment to go on.

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