It’s Not Just A Movie–Musings On “The Last Jedi” Backlash And Why Cinema Matters

Note: These musings are free of clear TLJ spoilers. 🙂 

So you may have heard of a little film called The Last Jedi. Came out during Christmastime, made a bit of a splash, did pretty well at the box office and all.

And by now you’ve probably heard about the backlash against the film (much of which I, a major Star Wars fan, agree with). Although critics–surprisingly–seemed to embrace it with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, many fans have been lukewarm. Some outright hate many of the choices it makes, as you can see in numerous online articles and videos and doubtless in some face-to-face discussions as well.

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Let’s just say obvious ploys to sell oodles of plushies are the least of its problems.

I’ve noticed that some folks have been countering the backlash with the retort, “Oh calm down, it’s just a movie.” (Fans of just about anything are sure familiar with that.) And I’ve been thinking over that retort, my friends, and it simply doesn’t sit well with me.  Continue reading

Batman, Superman, and Douglas Fairbanks

Comic book fans! Enthusiasts of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and others! There is a man whose poster should have a place in all your homes. A man whose films you should have committed to memory. A man whose name should be considered sacred, as venerated as that of Stan Lee.

The Amazing Stan Lee!

And whose image should be adorned with similar heavenly rays.

And that name is (wherever you are, pause to observe a moment of silence, refresh your mind, reflect on your past sins, and decide if your heart is worthy):

DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS. Continue reading