Some Biographies

Back when I was thinking about starting Silent-ology, I worked on a few biographies of silent film actors to get a feel for film history writing and research. I’m archiving them here and may add more as time goes by.

If you want to use or reproduce any of my writing, please cite me as a source.  Thank you kindly!

Theda Bara
Joe Bordeaux
Charley Bowers
Louise Fazenda
Robert Harron
Harry Langdon
Sybil Seely
Henry B. Walthall

8 thoughts on “Some Biographies

  1. Hello:)
    My utter obsession is Florence La Badie. I am currently collecting as much info on her as I can. I have an idea that I am working on but I need to bounce my ideas with someone who loves silent films and the stars. Is there anyway I can get in touch with you privately? ANY help/assistance would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi Maria!! Flo was a wonderful talent, it’s always heartwarming to know there are folks who still love her. I have a contact form on my “About Silent-ology” page in the main bar above–drop me a line!

  2. Hi there:

    I am looking for any information on Doris Keane (Romance, 1920) and/or R. Henderson-Bland (From the Manger to the Cross 1912). Would you happen to have anything you could share? Thank you! Michael

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