Comique month 1

At long last I’m going to be devoting an entire month to my favorite silent comedy series of all time–the Comique shorts! This happy, crazy, free-wheeling, slapstick-crammed 1917-1919 series of two-reelers is sometimes called Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s best work. It was made at a time when small studios could still “make it up as they went along,” a time when Hollywood itself was still relatively fresh and new. And as a most delightful bonus, it contains Buster Keaton’s earliest film appearances. And he smiles. And laughs. A LOT.

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2017 being the year of #BK100, this summer seemed like the perfect opportunity to honor these hilariously goofy films, as well as to put my, err, staggering amounts of repeated viewings to good use.

Now, there are 14 shorts we’re going to be covering, so instead of long individual posts for each film I’m going to review two at a time, keeping things snappy. So please drop by often to follow along!

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Luke’s looking forward to it!

My gosh you guys, I’M SO EXCITED!!!

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