The First Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon

Day two of the blogathon has begun! More posts will be added throughout the day–be sure to check in and see what’s new!

It has arrived at last! Welcome Keaton fans, fans of great comedy, and fans of great filmmaking in general, to:

Buster Blogathon 2

We are paying tribute to one of the greatest comedians of all time, an artist whose work makes us laugh, makes us gasp, and inspires us every time we watch it.

Bloggers–I will be updating this page periodically throughout the day today and tomorrow. When your post is ready, please leave a comment with the link (or send me a message). Readers, check back often as the posts roll in–there’s a lot to look forward to!

The Blogathon List

Silent-ologyA Country Hero

Silver ScreeningsGo West

MovieMovieBlogBlogSherlock Jr.

Sister Celluloid | Childhood memories of Buster Keaton

Wolfgang Classic Movies Digest | Sunset Boulevard

Wolfgang Classic Movies Digest | In The Good Old Summertime

BOOKSTEVE’S LIBRARY | Keaton’s 1960s television work

My Classic MoviesThe Villain Still Pursued Her

Public Transportation Snob Day Dreams

In the Good Old Days of Classic HollywoodThe Navigator

Caftan WomanNeighbors

Special Purpose Movie BlogThe Awakening TV episode

Moon in Gemini | “Once Upon a Time” Twilight Zone episode

Nitrate GlowOur Hospitality

Wide Screen WorldSteamboat Bill Jr.

Big V Riot Squad | The Keaton family in vaudeville

Critica RetroSpeak Easily

Buster Keaton’s Name | History behind the name Buster

Once Upon a ScreenWhat! No Beer?

Way Too Damn Lazy To Write a BlogParlor, Bedroom and Bath

Girls Do Film | Keaton’s development as a screen artist in his short films

Second Sight CinemaThe General

MovieFanFair | A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Movies Silently | 1920s reviews of Keaton films vs. modern reviews

Mythical Monkey | Keaton in Arbuckle’s Comique films

The Lone Wolf Says…Cops

Mildred’s FatburgersThe Cook

Margaret Perry | Keaton after silents

The Wonderful World of CinemaFree and Easy

Silent, Please!One Week

58 thoughts on “The First Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon

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    • Your site doesn’t seem to be letting me post a comment right now–just wanted to say that I enjoyed this review of one of Buster’s better MGMs! And I totally agree that Jim Parsons does indeed look an awful lot like Buster, particularly his profile. 😀 Thanks for joining the blogathon!

  4. Okay it may be seen as silly but why are per-talkie films called “silents” when they’re not silent? Yes I realize that it was the discreation of cinemas and the like to have musical accompaniment while showing the films. However, I think film makers where aware of this and must have had music in mind themselvesz. As well later on when films were rereleased many had sound affects added.

    • Perhaps it was because there was no soundtrack embedded in the film itself. All theaters always had musical accompaniment with their films–although the quality of the music could vary quite a bit depending on the venue and what kind of budget they had! Thanks for stopping by.

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  7. Hi, Lea. Just a quick note to let you know that a week-long bronchitis bout didn’t stop me from publishing this morning’s look at Buster and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Folks can find it at:
    Thanks again for setting this blogathon up and keeping Buster’s memory alive. I’m looking forward to reading the other posts now that I’m up and around (and, sadly, back at work).

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