Welcome, New Readers!

ANOTHER EDIT 6/14/19: My new laptop finally arrived! Stay tuned. 😉

EDIT 6/7/19: Due to my laptop deciding to conk out all the sudden, I won’t have a new post out this week. Which is sad, because it was on a film I really love–but at least you can still look forward to it! ~

Happy summer, all! (It sure took its sweet time coming, didn’t it?) Every once in awhile–and it’s been awhile–I put out a “welcome tour” post for new Silent-ology readers. Because I know what it’s like to visit a new blog and feel like you’ve walked into a coffee shop where everyone understands the complicated drink orders except you.

Image result for marion davies the red mill

“So a small is a ‘Mini,’ a medium is a ‘Not So Petite,’ and a large is a…’Get Wired’? But why??!

So let’s get to it! Silent-ology (which turned five a few months ago!) is my personal “dig” through silent film history. Every detail of this unique era fascinates me, so if you don’t see a topic or an actor covered, they probably will be in the future! I have theme months a couple times a year (the latest was Sheik Month) and host an annual Buster Keaton Blogathon. Taking a look at my “About” page is a nice little intro to the site. And then, of course, there’s the My Articles page (and don’t forget the Search box!).

Want a few suggestions? If you’re just getting into silent films, you might like:

Interested in really early films? You’ll probably appreciate:

Maybe you’re wondering about my thoughts on more recent silent-related films? I got you covered there, too!

Looking for info on various silent era personalities? Perfect, because I love writing about ’em! Maybe get started with:

Looking for some additions to your personal library? I do book reviews, too! Here’s some of my recommendations:

Speaking of silent film books, this article might come in handy:

Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun way to explore that early 20th century world, I have a series called “Fan Magazine Fun” where I dig up quirky articles and fluff pieces from early movie magazines. Many of these are–well, easier to read than describe.

It’s a brief tour, but I hope it’s helpful! Please enjoy Silent-ology, and feel free to leave comments–you’re among silents-loving friends!

5 thoughts on “Welcome, New Readers!

  1. “So a small is a ‘Mini,’ a medium is a ‘Not So Petite,’ and a large is a…’Get Wired’? But why??!“
    HA! Lea does it again. Oh my gosh, that made me laugh. Out loud. Yet again! 😀 And what’s funny is I KNOW I’m going to laugh again, at least once, before I click out of Silentology today. Not to mention having my little mind blown away, fifty times a minute. There is so much to know and discover about this era….and Silentology makes it so bite sized, and fun, and memorable. Even with stuff you already know about! Or THINK you know about, is more like it.

    May I recommend some of my favorite SIlentology articles, Lea? Articles that have always stayed with me?

  2. Ok, I just gathered a few. i was shocked to find some of my favorite articles had images missing from them!!! Lea, are you aware of this?!

    These articles, however, all seem intact:

    Colleen Moore: America’s Favorite Flapper
    -Meet your new favorite actress.

    Will The Real Mary Pickford Stand Up?
    -That is, if you haven’t already met Mary before.

    Some Crazy Flapper Slang That You’ve Never Heard Before
    -Hilarious and fascinating, you’ll want to use them all.

    Lon Chaney: Hollywood’s Finest Character Actor
    – If you think you know the work of Lon Chaney because of Hunchback and Phantom….I assure you, you don’t!

    Book Review: The First King Of Hollywood: the Life of Douglas Fairbanks
    – Great review, and one of the greatest biographies I have ever read, about anybody. And an essential figure of the era.

    As far as articles where not all of the images are coming up….but of course, the articles are still there and are fascinatig:

    Thoughts on “True Heart Susie”
    -As Lea writes, for all of us: “It’s almost hard to describe how much I love True Heart Susie.”

    5 Silent Films That Would’ve Terrified Me As A Child
    -The title does not lie!

    Lost Films: Flaming Youth
    – Don’t even get me started on how tragic it is this film is only available in a 10 minute fragment.

    Obscure Films: Au Secours!
    -Obscure film by an appallingly obscure comedy pioneer, Max Linder.

    Batman, Superman And Douglas Fairbanks
    -please forward this one to your comic book/superhero friends.

    Mary, Doug & Charlie
    -This is great because you get three essential figures all in one post.

    You really can’t go wrong with ANY article on Silentology. You are simply in good hands if you find yourself here, you’ve come to the right place. 😉

    • Aww, I love this list! Some of the articles I’m most proud of are on it, too. This kind of feedback is really nice and VERY appreciated, thanks for taking the time to put it together!

      Oooh yes, some of my older articles have broken image links, unfortunately. (A consequence of trying not to fill up my WordPress image library too fast, blergh). Once in awhile I’ll go through old posts and fix them (and typos), but it’s just going to have to be an ongoing maintenance thing.

      • (anything I can do to help, feel free to deputize me, seriously. i can donate my a few hours of my time, no problem. Those posts are precious, and the humor of the photo captions is such a major part!)

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